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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Resolutions?!

Fast. Really fast. It's been a breeze and 2006 just ran past me, leaving no trace. Not even a scent or odour. It is weird, I am now seated in a LAN shop, racking my brains, attempting to figure something to type on this very first day of 2007 ( Alright I admit, it was already 11 plus at night when I sat down). So what are the promises that I made to myself last year? What were my resolutions then? I don't remember. Seriously, I don't even think I made any then. So, am I going to set any this year? Perhaps. I don't know. Call me a skeptic but I seriously doubt Homo Sapiens' ability in keeping all that resolutions that they had set forth to acheive. With that, I mean the male faculty especially. Short attention span, selective memory and procrastination (that spells failure for New Year Resolutions) just seem to attribute the male species more aptly.

2006 Resolution: I vow not to be more interested in the heavenly cleavages, in comparison to women's can't- possibly- be- smarter- than- me intellect.

2006 June: Ok, I am looking at less of that now. Really but it sure is difficult. I am trying. Maybe I will set this resolution once more next year. Maybe.

2006 Dec: Oh my! I can't take my eyes off the countless 'mounts' off "Curse of the Gong Li's Cleavage!" Fuck it. I LOVE CLEAVAGES!

2007 Resolution: I vow to not vow once more to be less interested in the cleavage than woman's intellect. *Thinking hard about the twin peaks of tender glory*

Sorry guys. But heh, it is true isn't it. We always think 'we can', then it shifts to 'we should be' then gradually it transcends to 'I doubt I can.' With that, I just insulted myself! Haha. It sure takes a man to criticize a man, doesn't it? Oh, with that I just got my 2007 Resolution!

Never to criticize any that has a dangly man meat between their legs.

Let's just hope I can keep to that. Somehow. Ha.

Friday, March 03, 2006



Like the malodorous scent of early mist.

A waning nosegay, shriveled, aged, old.

Sweet to the taste, bitter the after.

Sought by many, yearned by more.

- Alywin

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Family or Foes?

Family. A noun so commonly abused. So frivously flushed into the brains of young children. Moulding, restructuring, often reconstructing the way they view members of a community bonded by blood. Quarrels. Differing views. Violence. Pain. All strived to be buried under piles of happy images, thoughts and verbal expressions. Listen to them and they will tell you, " FAMILY is the only thing you have when u are down. They stick by you all the time. Really, they do!". Bull shit. Period. Come on, get a life people. Are families not human? Are they deviod of selfish desires just because a common stream of maroon fluid flows within us? Definitely not. Try this, Take ten thousand dollars and stick it between you and your family member. Tell him or her the money is free for all. Take it, spend it, waste it to his own wish. But upon reaching for that money, he will have to sever all ties with you. See if he or she will do it. But be warned. Could possibly lead to disappointing results. A word of advice, a string of experiments have to be carried out with different individuals for thresholds for the avarice of monetary rewards differs greatly from one another. Or even better, tell them you are sick. So terribly ill-stricken that you could possibly house some vile bacteria or virus which is constantly on the look out for other hosts. Then, take a box of tissue paper, plenty of anti depressants and a sharp blade just in case the pain is too much to bear. Next, watch the number of "family" members that will be remaining by your bedside. That is FAMILY. Cool huh? People, family is just a term given by old, ancient mouths to a group of people u share some common genetic blue print. That is it. Don't expect too much from them. They are still as susceptible to all the seven sins as your friends are. So next time when people tells u the anecdote about family and kinship? Tell them to shut the fuck up eh.